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Luxe Detangler Brush

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Beauty is pain”  is a thing of the past. It is time to ditch your painful hair care routine and step up your tres’ game. 
Our Luxe Detangler Brush is designed to glide through hair types 2a through 4c  with ease, even the tightest curls are no match for our flexible detangler. 
Our mission at Stallure is to make self-care easy and convenient, shave precious time off of your morning routine and make wash day a breeze. Hold your crown to the highest standard, rocking your natural hair with tangle free confidence.

Our Luxe Detangler Brush is designed with flexible bristles to move with your hair, not against it! Your hair might be tough but that scalp is ultra sensitive, making standard detanglers obsolete. The Luxe Detangler Brush was designed for men, women, and children with sensitive scalps, the bristles effortlessly glide through hair while massaging your scalp, making detangling a quick and pain-free experience, from start to finish.


 Simply dampen hair or use your favorite moisturizer and let our Luxe Detangler Brush work its magic. Whether you have kinky curls or loose waves, our Luxe Detangler flexes through the unique pattern of your locks without getting caught in knots or damaging the strands.

Our Customers LOVE IT! 

"My daughter has hair type 4c and managing it has been a struggle. Getting your 5 year old to sit still for an hour while you tug at her hair is no easy task! Having tried every product on the market without success, I figured I had nothing to lose trying the Luxe Detangler and let me tell you, it was a total game changer"

- Suzie Bo


Our Luxe Detangler Brush is professional grade for salon quality hair. Get that fresh salon look at home for a fraction of the cost, time, and effort. Put your best fro forward and look as good as your hair feels. 

Luxe Detangler Key Benefits

  • Make detangling and styling your hair a quick and pain-free experience. 
  • Guaranteed to be gentler on the hair and scalp.
  • Flexible brushes to glide through knots, massage the scalp, and reduce breakage.

"I used to have to clear my schedule for wash day as it was an all day venture. With 3 kids under 7 that each have different hair types, I used to use different products for each of my kids, not anymore!. The luxe detangler brush is my go to brush that works like a dream on all of my kids hair. With the luxe detangler, I am able to style all three of their hair in 30 minutes, I wish I discovered this brush sooner!"

- Chantise Siew

"My girl would get so anxious on wash days, the second the brushes would come out, she would run! Ever since we started using the Luxe detangler brush, doing her hair has been hassle free, in fact she enjoys the gentle massage of the flexible bristles against her scalp. I am grateful to have found a product that made wash day a soothing experience for us instead of a painful one!"

- Nessa Smith



  • Start with damp hair and add your favorite moisturizer or leave-in conditioner. 
  • Part your hair into sections and begin detangling, starting from the tips, and work your way up to the roots. The bristles will flex with your hair and gently detangle the knots out. 
  • For additional support on extra coarse hair, hold sections of hair vertically and brush outward before brushing horizontally, to set hair in your desired style. 


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Luxe Detangler Brush

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