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Delivery Policy

As soon as your order is placed, our office receives a notification to spring our team into action.

We'll verify the order and immediately get it out for processing. Our store has set up distribution channels direct with manufacturers all over the world, so your order gets processed at the manufacturer and then shipped out within a few days.   

This direct supply chain for our items allows us to cut up to 60% in costs and bring you amazing prices! Normally, when you are buying items from somewhere local, prices are much higher. This is because there are so many levels of shipping and storage in between the item's manufacturer and retailer. 

By cutting out all the middle man and processing your items direct from the manufacturer, your shipping times are a little longer, but your prices are much lower! 

That's how Stallure is able to bring you products at the same quality for half the price!

Here are the normal delivery times on most items: To US: 2-6 weeks

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